Printable Silhouettes

Printable Silhouettes are among the popular printables. A silhouette is an outline image of an object or a living being. It is like a crisp and clear shadow. A popular example of a silhouette is the logo of Apple Computers, showing the filled outline of a partly eaten apple.

History of Printable Silhouettes

Hardly a couple of hundred years back, during the georgian period, Silhouette portraits were very popular with the British and the French. Compared to portraits, silhouettes, or “shades”, as they were called in England, were more affordable. Some of the famous silhouette artists included Auguste Edouart, a Frenchman, who was famous for full-length silhouettes, John Miers,from Regency England, JC Laveters,a german who drew “Scientific Silhouettes” and Master Hubard, an american boy, who was reputed to be able to cut silhouette profiles in 20 seconds! It is said that in those days, silhouette portraits were drawn from the outline cast by candlelight or lamplight. After the invention of photography, silhouette portraiture became rarer and is now a specialized craft practiced by a few. One of the famous silhouette artists today is Cindi Rose, who drew the silhouette of Barrack Obama. Today, Silhouette Photography is a popular branch of digital photography. With the use of photo software such as photoshop or gimp, it is easy to turn photographs into digital silhouettes.

Printable Silhouettes as Stencils

Printable Silhouettes are popular as simpler forms of stencils and are used in various interesting crafts and decorations projects. Compared to stencils, it is easier to cut out and use silhouettes as there are no narrow bridges and islands. Some of the popular uses include – as tattoos, for pumpkin carving, wall murals, furniture art, posters, t-shirt designs, post cards. Home Decor and Kitchen Crafts, Art Projects and Scrap-booking, Halloween Crafts and Card Ideas – all are areas where silhouettes outlines can be used with great effect to get amazing results. Some of the popular themes in printable silhouettes include bats, butterflies, floral designs, elephants, horses, dogs, cats, trees, leaves, and people in various poses.